The anti-bacterial system available in all Faganel Builders Millennium III® Green homes has been proven in University studies to kill up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and mold on surfaces, including MRSA antibiotic resistant Staph, and Avian Bird Flu.  The basis of this unique technology was funded by NASA and the Center for Indoor Air Research (CIAR).

The technology consists of a proprietary Photocatalytic system using a combination of high-intensity UV light and Titanium plus three additional rare metals bound in a hydrophilic base material.  In words we can understand, it’s perfectly safe to swish with, yet it kills germs and odors.  So, imagine diluting hydrogen peroxide and misting it into the air.  It floats through the air, settles on surfaces, and kills germs and odors at their source.  That’s basically what the anti-bacterial system is doing.

•  Reduction of indoor air pollution for better quality of air
•  Elimination of household odors
•  Less colds and flus, which are usually caught by indoor transfer of germs and viruses
•  Lower incidents of food poisoning or food spoilage
•  Longer shelf life of foods
•  Reduction of mold and bacterial from the air and surfaces
•  Lower particle counts, including ultra-fine particles which are typically unaffected
by filtration
Anti-Bacteria System
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